Together we are strong…

As a family, as friends, and partners.

About us

We are Monika and Albert Bacher, a married couple, and a formidable team in both the private and business settings. We have grown together and always managed to fulfil our potential. Since 2014, we have followed our curiosity and passion and implemented our ideas into concrete business ventures. We aim to continuously develop and explore new areas and sectors. We offer our clients a spectrum of products and service as broad as our interests.

As wanderers between worlds, we unite oyr professional ambitions with our private life. We are family-oriented people and proud parents, which is why it is important for us to pass on only the best – both to our son and to our clients. In our freetime, we dedicate ourselves to culinary delights, play golf, or letting loose on the tennis court. However, most of all, you can find the three of us enjoying nature. We travel a great deal, both in a professional and private capacity, and feel at home anywhere.