Bacher Welten

Committed to the Future, Looking to the Future

Welcome to the Bacher family companies – thank you for your visit! Under our umbrella brand ‘Bacher Welten’ we combine various activities and companies that are as multifaceted as life itself. Take a look around and get to know us – let’s discover new worlds together.

Every journey starts with a single step.

We’re not just business people, we’re also parents. Our goal is to provide our son with a healthy, happy and fulfilled life – and we aim to provide the same for our clients. It all starts with looking after our planet, making sure we do what we can to protect it through our professional endeavours and ensuring we don’t damage the environment any further. Another aspect is dealing respectfully with one another on equal terms, both in our family life and in our relationships with our customers. It also brings us joy to help people achieve their goals and find their dream job.

We’ve set ourselves the task of ensuring all our companies offer the highest possible quality. We see ourselves as a premium partner because only the best is good enough for our clients – and for our son.

Bacher Consulting

In our role as personnel consultants for tax, law, and auditing, we supply skilled professionals and offer effective career advice, creating long-lasting and positive work relationships.

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Bau Personal Bacher

In our role as personnel consultants for the construction sector, we are a point of contact for developers, general contractors, construction companies and individuals, providing holistic advice and procuring skilled professionals.

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Bacher Weine

As experts in cultivating premium products and high-quality grape varieties from Rhine-Hesse, Germany’s largest wine growing region, we export exquisite, ‘Made in Germany’ wine throughout the world.

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